• Mariam Gevorkian

The Power of Puttin & Puppies

Updated: Aug 22, 2019

The two leaders of Russia and Turkmenistan attended a meeting at a Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) summit however it was the Putins handling of the present he received at the end which gained all the attention.

A video of Putin caressing a puppy gifted to him by the President of Turkmenistan has been receiving a lot of attention on social media platforms as it seemingly portrays a side of him the media hasn't portrayed, a lover of dogs.

Comments under the video displaying Putin receiving the puppy as a present

Indeed it would take much more to grasp the attention of the collective public and social media users however perhaps this a sign indicating the potency of conventional perceptions of Russia and Putin. In a poll survey I carried out on my instagram results indicate that an astonishing 60% of people were surprised at Putin's display of affection towards the puppy he had been gifted.