• Mariam Gevorkian

Road Safety Workshop

Updated: Aug 22, 2019

My internship enables me the privilege to get involved in communities and help individuals (mainly children) to be more confident and attain useful knowledge which will help them for a life time. One of the exciting ways I am able to do this is running a Road Safety Workshop for community centres. The following account documents the process of the workshop and how I assisted Lucie, the Education Coordinator of ShoutOut UK.

We arrived at Hoxton Community Organisation and were greeted warmly by the staff there. We set up the equipment we would be using for the workshop and called in the members of the youth organisation to join us. Everyone seemed very enthusiastic and looking forward to the workshop. We first proceeded with a quiz, asking the participants to answer true or false questions. The questions were purposed to engage the members, by acting as a warm up to the rest of the session.

After giving a fun/brief introduction to the basics of road safety, we set up the VRG (Virtual Reality Glasses) for the children to engage with. The virtual reality programme gave insight to a real car accident, with viewers experiencing the incident happening from the passenger seat. The VRG programme was to intended give real experience of how to avoid the dangers of crossing the road when a car is slowing down and how to be aware of whether a car is signally a passerby's to cross. The members of the youth organisation were very pleased with the quality of the programme and kept commenting on how real the experience felt - enabling them to remember how to cross roads and be careful.

After the VRG experience, we set up a board game which consisted 2 ultimate players, we split the room in half to accommodate players 1 and 2. Youth members read out the card the car device would stop upon. The cards consisted of further information about road safety and fun facts which genuinely engaged members with the game!

We then closed our session by giving out a Road Safety Pack to every member. The pack included many goodies such as; a phone case which blocks signal, a safety workshop notebook, a torch to use when walking at night and many other essentials.