• Mariam Gevorkian

The Rubenstein Kiss - Political Theatre

Updated: Aug 22, 2019

The Rubenstein Kiss audiences to a classic drama piece reflecting politics, society and personal life. James Phillips fictionalises the Jewish American couple,Julius and Ethel Rosenberg, a couple charged with leaking atomic secrets to the Soviet Union in McCarthy-era America. Drawing in a lot of controversialism, the play was written and directed 10 years after the couple were executed in 1953.

Director Joe Harmston commented on communicating to the audience how political challenges may impact family and personal relations and decisions. With the audience range being rather huge, the play has proven to have a wide appeal despite not being everyones cup of tea. Having the goal of leaving the audience with questions and reviving debate and discussion amongst viewers, Harmston also aims to encourage the audience to combine their own intelligence with their theatre experience in order to form a unique opinion on the overall play.