• Mariam Gevorkian

Famous Politicians & their Star Signs

Updated: Nov 20, 2018

Whether you believe in star signs or not, the following article brings to focus how famous politicians typically embody their star sign.

Cancer – Angela Merkel 

Cancers are empathetic, caring and nurturing. To the point of criticism, Merkel certainly embodies these qualities as she has often implemented generous policies to help those in need. Following the Syrian refugee crisis Merkel announced that Germany without exception will accept all refugees and also prepared Germany to take in 800,000 refugees by 2015, more than what the entire European Union took in 2014.

However, Merkel has recently stepped down on her ‘open door’ policy in order to save her coalition government. Consequently, the emerging right-wing direction of European politics has led to Merkel announcing her plans of stepping down as Prime Minister when her term ends in 2021. Ironically her rightwing rival Horst Seehofer who is also a cancer, could follow in her footsteps and also quit as sources close to the leader tell media he is ready to stand down.  Cancers are the most sensitive and emotional sign of the zodiac; hence it doesn’t come as a surprise that the intense political climate of European Politics is too catastrophic to handle for the politicians. Cancer’s also tend to be intuitive so perhaps Merkel and Horst can sense that the direction of German politics doesn't resonate with their own political vision for Germany.

Scorpio – David Cameron & Hillary Clinton (as well as leaders of 22 countries) 

Scorpio’s are determined, forceful and very stubborn. David Cameron’s resignation after the results of the European referendum comes as no surprise as the stubborn nature of Scorpios makes them opt out of projects, relationships and unions they do not agree with. Hillary Clinton has also demonstrated similar characteristics. It took Clinton 6 months after news broke out about her using a private email server whilst being secretary of state to finally apologise. This was of course despite weeks of endless nudges from her aides who even labelled her as stubborn as she had also refused to answer questions about the setup. Being the most common sign of country leaders, the star sign of Scorpio dominates leadership positions around the world with 22 countries having Scorpio as a star sign. Indeed, this again comes as no surprise since Scorpios have also been labeled as the ‘most powerful sign of the zodiac’ with great skills of manipulation, ambitious power and strategic rationale to get exactly what they want.

Aries – Hitler (Cusp of Power) & Nigel Farage

Aries people tend to be proud and outspoken, often saying the first thing that comes to their mind and lacking any filter. Hitler and ex UKIP leader Farage perhaps have this in common as both tilt towards proud nationalistic perceptions. This also includes Gerard Batten, the current leader of UKIP who is also an Arian. Though when it comes to Hitler, it is important to note that what separates him from other Arians or world leaders is that he was born between the transition of Aries and Taurus, enabling him to be born on the cusp of power. Being born on the cusp of power enables one to be authoritative, resilient, and immensely dedicated to passions and goals, despite any set-backs and struggles they face. Indeed, Hitler demonstrates this due to the gradual and lengthy process it took for him to rise to power.

Leo – Barrack Obama & Bill Clinton

Charismatic, charming and enthusiastic. Leo’s are known for their warm-hearted nature and ability to charm just about anyone. Hence it would make sense that this is exactly what Obama and B. Clinton are known for, their communicative and pleasant charisma and ability to form an instant connection with the public. Leo’s tend to draw attention where ever they go (without even trying) and are more often loved by those around them. In particular, Obama has been labeled as the ‘best president’ of recent years according to a PEW Research Centre. Research shows 44% say Obama is the best or second-best president of their lifetimes, compared with 33% who mention Bill Clinton. Popular Leo presidents? Why is this not a surprise?

Gemini – Boris Johnson & Donald Trump

On the complete and utter contrary, we arrive at the least favourite star sign...Gemini’s.

Is it a complete shock that the least favourite politicians are Gemini’s? I think not and I really hope the notion of star signs is beginning to sink in and convince you that star signs most certainly hold some capacity of truth to say the least.

Despite being expressive, quick witted and adaptable, Gemini’s receive a lot of bad press for the unreliable nature and tendency to come across as having multiple personalities (in my personal experience, knowing having a Gemini friend equates to having a whole squad of friends). A YouGov survey precisely demonstrates the unquestionable unpopularity Boris Johnson attains, with voters agreeing that he would make a worse PM than Theresa May. After resigning from his position as Foreign Secretary, Boris Johnson may come across as the most conflicted on the issue of Brexit. He has been known to hold almost all political stances from liberal to conservative and has often released contradicting statements revolving his own arguments for Brexit. One of the many contradictions Johnson portrayed was over the single market as he simultaneously supported the single market but was quick to say it would be ‘mad’ to stay in the single market after Brexit. A contradicting and indecisive Gemini? Is this really a surprise?

Donald Trump inevitably follows Johnson in the same moderate fashion being a Gemini himself. This also entails being voted as the least favourite president and having unwavering unpopularity from all across the globe. Trump holds the most negative rating among five world leaders, according to a new poll conducted by the nonpartisan Pew Research Center. 70% percent of respondents across over 20 countries confirmed his unpopularity, claiming they do not trust or agree with his political approach – a significantly higher disapproval rating than the leaders of Germany, France, China and even Russian president Putin.